09.04.2013 - Welcome to the New School Year!

Hello, everyone!
We're about to head back into another school year this Sunday. Hopefully everyone is ready. With this new school year comes some changes in the Ban Chap Hanh (mainly with our nganh truong). Our new nganh truong for nganh au is Truong Thy Lynn. Nganh truong for nganh thieu is Truong Be. For nganh nghia, it's Truong Mimi. And lastly, for nganh hiep si we have Truong Vu Long.

Not only were there changes with the Ban Chap Hanh. There were also changes in the school schedule. It will be as follows:
  1. Morning:
    • 9:15am - 10:15am: Giáo Lý & Việt ngữ
    • 10:25am - 11:45am: Giáo Lý
  2. Mass: 12:00am
  3. Lunch: 1:15pm -1:40pm
  4. Evening:
    • 1:45pm - 2:55pm: Giáo Lý & Việt ngữ
    • 3:00PM – 4:00pm: Thiếu Nhi
To add on to everything, this year, Tet Trung Thu is on September 22nd. That means that huynh truong are actively looking for people to participate in the Tet Trung Thu performances. If you are interested, please let your huynh truong know as soon as possible.

See you guys on the first day of school!
- Tr. Alyssa

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