05.15.2013 - Reminders for the End of the School Year!

REMINDER: Dai Hoi Thanh The forms are due this Sunday! If you lost your form or haven't gotten one, you can download it here: 

Dai Hoi Thanh The is July 4-7. The fee is $110 and we're still selling raffle tickets to raise money to reduce the cost. You will turn in the $110 first and then, after we've gathered up the funds we've raised, we will give you guys a reimbursement. Your parents are to drop you at the camp spot.

Another reminder: Please turn in your doan camp forms ASAP. We need a count of how many kids are going. The fee is $15. Doan camp is May 24-26. You can download the form here:

This Sunday is the last week of school. As such, there is no thieu nhi but there is an awards ceremony and a pizza party.

Have a great rest of the week!

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