04.30.2013 - Hiep Si 30 Hour Famine Cancelled

Hello Fellow HS!

I regret to inform that our 30 Hour Famine this weekend (May 3-4) will be cancelled due to the following circumstances. 

We will be having a low number of participants and some of you participants will be coming and going which will make our activities ineffective. Many of you have SATs and to minimize a distraction, it'd probably be better if you weren't starving while taking the SATs. 

My sincere apologies for those who have been looking forward to this event all year long. We will be having it again in the foreseeable future. To make it up, please keep a lookout for our HS Graduation Party because it is going to be pretty legit.


Tr. Tien


A cancelled event does not mean you are free to do anything to do in it's time slot without your parental consent. If us HT get a call or find out that you are doing such, there will be grave consequences!!

P. P. S.
Spend your time studying for your SAT/AP/IB/Final exams! Good luck everybody!

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