10.16.2013 - Gettin' Ready to Party Like It's Doan's Birthday

Hello, cac em! As weeks pass, we are getting closer and closer to Doan Emmanuel's 20th birthday!

Since it is the 20th birthday, we're gonna have a huge party with food, performances, and shirts! What are the shirts gonna look like? That's where you come in. We're having a t-shirt designing contest that's open to everyone in doan from nganh au all the way to huynh truong. The winner will receive a prize for their design. Everyone in doan is getting a free shirt and anyone outside of doan can buy a shirt. The shirt design must follow Doan's 20th birthday theme, include Doan's logo, a white background, be one-sided (only front or back), and only have 3 colors in the design. Submissions are due on November 24th by midnight. Late submissions will not be accepted. Please email your design to Tr. Thy Lynn at thylynn_hoang@yahoo.com.

On to the performances! Each nganh is taking care of 2 performances each. Your huynh truong will relay more information about that as we get closer to December. Chi Mimi is also putting together a joint performance featuring a symphony orchestra. If you play an instrument and want to participate, click the link below and sign up with your name, instrument, and nganh.

Reminders for this month:

  • Nganh Au is having a zoo trip on Saturday, October 26th. The cost per child is $10 and includes the DART ticket, food, admission, and a shirt. We will be meeting at Arapaho stations. Please refer to the permission slips for more information.
  • Continue to fill out your bo hoa thieng and remember to turn it in to your huynh truong before mass so that we can add everything up and offer it during mass.
  • Next month we are starting the canned food drive so start collecting!
Have a wonderful week and God bless!
- Tr. Alyssa

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