02.19.2013 - The Lenten Season

Alright, Doan Emmanuel. We've entered into the Lenten Season so that means we've entered into the time of making extra sacrifices. Whether it's giving up soda or making more time to pray, remember that you're making these sacrifices to better yourself and help you get closer to God.

This past Sunday, we distributed Lent cans. In those cans is a label so that you can write down your name, nganh, and cap. Remember to fill this out. The money that you collect this year will go to cha and cac huynh truong to take over to the poor people in Vietnam. Cha and cac huynh truong are spending 3 weeks in the summer in Vietnam to do charity work. If you did not receive a can, you can get one this Sunday. The cans are due on March 17th.

On March 16th is tinh tam doan (or the retreat). This day is set aside for your guys to cleanse your soul and prepare yourself for Easter. Easter this year is on March 31st.

Have a wonderful week, and I will see you guys on Sunday!

- Tr. Alyssa

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