01.15.2013 - March for Life in Downtown Dallas

Hello, guys! I hope that everyone had a wonderful winter break! This Saturday, January 19th, there will be the annual March for Life in Downtown Dallas. This is an event for nganh nghia si and hiep si. We will meet at the Arapaho DART Station at 8am and go to mass in Downtown Dallas. Train tickets will be provided for you. From there, we will march to a federal building to a rally and protest against abortion. After the rally, we will take the train back to the station where your parents will pick you up. The end time is indefinite because we do not know how long the rally will last. We have predicted 1:30pm, but that is not definite. PLEASE WEAR YOUR UNIFORM. If you need a copy of the permission slip, please email me at anexception221@yahoo.com. See you guys there!

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