03.03.2013 - Important Updates and a Chance to Win Prizes!

Hey, kiddos! Just wanted to update you on important upcoming events!

On Sunday, March 10th, there is no thieu nhi, viet ngu, or giao ly because it's spring break!

The following Saturday, March 16th, there is tinh tam doan (or a retreat) at church to prepare you guys for Easter. You will have the chance to go to confession during this time. Uniform is required.

Sunday, April 7th is when your Lent cans are due! Remember to fill out the paper inside your cans so that we can see who collected the most money for the poor.

Sunday, March 31st is Easter Sunday!

Now an opportunity for those going to Dai Hoi Thanh The Mien Nam to win MONEY. All you need to do is write an essay about thieu nhi and turn it in by Sunday, March 24th. Easy as that. There will be prizes for each nganh. First place will receive $100 and second place will receive $50 in prize money. So there will be a first and second place for nganh au, a first and second place for nganh thieu, etc. So start writing!

Dai Hoi Thanh The Mien Nam is going to be on July 4th weekend and will take place at Lake Lavon Baptist Camp (where Dai Hoi Nghia Si Mien Nam was last time). As of right now, the fee is $110. We will try to reduce the fee through fundraising. We're asking parents to drop you kids off at the camping area so that we don't have to charge you more money to get a bus. Dai Hoi Thanh The is for all nganh. There will be lots of opportunities to meet other people from other doans and compete in sports and performance competitions. More details will be released soon!

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